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Tejvan organises short-distance running and cycling races for the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in his home city of Oxford. He is also a very good cyclist, having won the National hill climb championships in 2013 and finished 3rd in the National 100 Mile Time Trials in 2014.



Karteek Clarke, a member of the Edinburgh Sri Chinmoy AC, is an accomplished runner, having completed numerous marathons and ultramarathon runs & walks. He is better known amongst club members for his swimming exploits however, which are centred on the stretch of water between Dover and Cap Gris Nez.

While crossing the English Channel just once would be a dream come true for many athletes, Karteek`s vision was to make the swim seven times. His epic quest began back in 1997.

True to the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team`s motto of Self-Transcendence he completed his 11th solo crossing on July 30, 2014 with the help of expert pilot Mike Oram, after quite some waiting around due to turbulent weather - no stopping Karteek!

Read accounts of some of Karteek's epic swims:

More recent stories on his website: www.karteekclarke.com (including a report from his 10 day race in April 2014 in N.Y.)


Karteek Clarke, photo: Sri Chinmoy Races CC, SA,BY 3.0