Bea swims English Channel

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Bea successfully fights mayor problems and swims the English Channel in 14 hours 6 minutes.

Dover 02.08.2005 - This is second hand news.
Weather was very fine when Bea from Munich, Germany started her first attempt to cross the English Channel. She felt very good but not her helpers. Both got seasick and were unable to help from shortly after the start.

After 3 hours she did not have anything to drink or eat so the boat crew started helping her. Because she had very bad experience with the cold water in her 12-hour training swin they put vaseline on her head. This resulted that she lost her swimming cap.

Now hair started to get in her face and the boat crew had to bind it together and even cut some of it. But the worst thing was yet to come. Vaseline got on her goggles and she did not see anything. Neiter boat nor shore where visible.

Despite all this unfortunate things she reached the shore after 14 hours and 6 minutes. Which is a fantastic time. Congratulations Bea !!
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